My passion for travel and adventure has taken me places I never would have dreamed I'd get to experience. I hope that by writing about my time traveling, working, and volunteering abroad, I can not only process the lessons for myself, but also inspire current and future travelers in their endeavors.

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Yoga has been transforming my life since I was 14. When I attended my teacher training in January 2018, I caught a glimpse of the true essence of yoga. Now, I aim to unpack yogic philosophy and make ancient concepts accessible and relevant for modern practitioners.

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Conscious Living

What even is conscious living? For me, the term encompasses my philosophy towards life and what it entails to live with meaning. This means articles on sustainable living, community building, values, or anything that has to do with crafting a life with intention and purpose.

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My Mission

My mission is to craft a fulfilling life emphasizing love, community, adventure, wonder, and service.

I see all of life as a learning experience and believe in the power of going out of one's comfort zone for personal development and growth.

My latest mantra is that I have to "do it to do it," meaning the only way to get better at something or achieve my goals is to put myself out there and just start doing the thing... even when I don't feel ready. (Are we ever truly ready?)

The purpose of this blog is to share stories and ideas about my favorite topics: travel, adventure, community, yogic philosophy, sustainability, food systems, and making the world a better place.

Currently based in Portland, OR.


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