When you passionately pursue that which makes you feel alive, you will find yourself in places beyond your wildest dreams. In this blog, I share stories of what happens when we leave our comfort zones behind to pursue the unknown, and how this can change us for the better.

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How can an ancient philosophy improve and fit into modern lives? In this blog, I apply traditional yogic principles to modern life by unpacking philosophy in an easily digestible and relevant manner, plus explore the intersections of traditional eastern philosophy and modern science.

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Conscious Living

What is conscious living? For me, the term encompasses my philosophy towards life and what it entails to live with meaning. Article topics may include sustainable living, community building, values, or anything that has to do with crafting a life with intention and purpose.

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My Mission

My mission is to craft a fulfilling life that leads with love, community, adventure, wonder, and service.

I see all of life as a learning experience and believe in the power of going out of one's comfort zone for personal development and growth.

My latest mantra is that we have to "do it to do it," meaning the only way to get better at something or achieve our goals is to courageously get out there and just start doing the thing... even if we don't feel ready. (Are we ever truly ready?)

The purpose of this blog is to share stories and ideas about my favorite topics: travel, adventure, community, yoga, conscious living, and making the world a better place.

Currently based in Portland, OR.


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