Image Credit: Zoë Shipley Photography
Image Credit: Zoë Shipley Photography

About Tayler

I'm a 28-year-old rock climber, yogi, hiker, traveler and outdoors enthusiast finding my balance between wanderlust and growing roots.

My first time leaving the USA, I journeyed to rural Nepal for an internship and to do research for my thesis. That experience turned my world upside down, awakening a bug that had me returning to Nepal and other parts of Asia several times over the next few years.

Finally, in 2017, I followed my dream of buying a one-way ticket to Thailand. I spent the following year and a half living, working and climbing in 9 different countries in Asia. I returned to the states in May 2019 to reunite with family and friends.

Now, I'm happy to have some stability in Portland, Oregon, where I aim to focus on building community, following my passions, and serving my communities and world.

My current projects include empowering people to grow food in their yards with Urban Farm U, working towards my 300-hour yoga teacher training certificate, and sharing my stories on this blog.