Yoga Altar at Padma Karma
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I discovered yoga as a teenager at my local gym in 2007. I had no idea then how it would shape my entire life. (Read more)

The more I practice yoga, the more it continues to challenge and humble me mentally, physically, and spiritually. My deep reverence for the practice and the way it continues to teach me keeps me coming back to the mat again and again.

I didn't set out to teach, but there came a point in which I realized that teaching would enable me to share yoga with more people. So, in January 2018, I completed my first yoga teacher training at PadmaKarma in Kerala, India. After my training, I traveled extensively and taught yoga in several countries.

In India, I studied the traditional philosophy of yoga, which is often overlooked in Western classes. Studying yoga from this lens transformed and deepened my practice in ways I could never have imagined. Now, my mission as a teacher is to embody these philosophies and subtly incorporate them into my classes.

My Hatha and Vinyasa classes are guided by mindfulness, self-love, exploratory movement, and guided awareness of the breath and body.



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Teaching yoga in India


Yoga Class in India


Yoga class in India