Image Credit: Zoë Shipley Photography
Image Credit: Zoë Shipley Photography

About Tayler

I'm a 28-year-old rock climber, yogi, hiker, traveler and outdoors enthusiast finding my balance between wanderlust and growing roots.

My first time leaving the USA, I journeyed to rural Nepal for an internship and to do research for my thesis. That experience turned my world upside down, awakening a bug that had me returning to Nepal and other parts of Asia several times over the next few years.

Finally, in 2017, I followed my dream of buying a one-way ticket to Thailand. I spent the following year and a half living, working and climbing in 9 different countries in Asia. I returned to the states in May 2019 to reunite with family and friends.

Now, I'm happy to have some stability in Portland, Oregon, where I focus on growing roots, exploring my passions, and serving my communities.

My current major projects include empowering people to grow food in their yards with Urban Farm U and teaching yoga to climbers.